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Dare to Dream......

ABOUT Teqard Labs

Teqard Labs Pvt. Ltd,established in Kochi,Kerala, is a customer oriented electronics development and manufacturing company. We are committed for Total Electronic Manufacturing Solutions  starting from prototyping to manufacturing to support servicing. We also have proved our expertise in fields of Industrial Automation, Robotic Product Development , Software Development etc. Our prime motto is

"Dreams to Reality", where we are dedicated to convert our clients root idea or dreams to a product which they dream of. You can literally come to us with an idea/dream and go out with the product/solution which is efficient and of high quality. We have a group of experienced engineers from various domains which helps us to implement multidomain projects with high accuracy and professionalism



Custom Product Development

We have an experienced R&D team for developing the custom products for the clients from the scratch to an industrial standard product. Our development goes through different steps and multiple screenings to ensure the best quality product for our clients

PCB Services

We have very vast experience in pcb servies. 

Our team is capable of  prototyping, designing, fabricating, testing industrial standard PCBs

Reverse Engineering

We provides reverse engineering services for our clients for the increasing efficiency and updating the current products. We believe in providing quality services within quick turnaround time 

Automation Solutions

We are capable of providing automation solution for different industries. We have experienced team for developing automation solutions for your industry for higher efficiency and safety

Robotics, RFID & IOT
based Product developmemt

We provide our clients with customized products according to the requirements. We have vast experience in designing Robotics , RFID and IOT based products. 

pexels-luis-gomes-546819 (1).jpg
Software Development & Services

We provide our clients with high quality, efficient software solutions to their problems. Our experience include developing financial software, embeded programing etc



UV Sanitization Box

An automated touchless water dispensing system that can be used exclusively for 20 ltr cans. A plug n' play design which evicts the need of lifting the can and operating the pipers

CNC Cutting Machine

An UV sanitization box which uses high quality high powered UV tubes for sanitization. It can be used to sanitize daily objects and other materials in a time span of 3-4 mins. An adjustable timer helps user set the times and helps automatically turning off the UV tubes

A CNC cutting machine designed to cut metal plates according to the given design. Can be used to cut metal sheets upto a size of 8ft * 6ft and a thickness of 5cm.


An IOT based unmanned sanitization robot which uses UV technology for disinfection. It can be controlled remotely thus reduces the manpower and increases the safety. The camera feedback helps in monitoring the process and it automatically turns off the UV lights in presence of human beings 



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